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100% TÜV-certified, climate-neutral natural gas from PST Purenergy: sustainable, affordable and reliable

Decide today in favour of climate-friendly natural gas as an energy source: with 100% TÜV-certified, climate-neutral natural gas from PST Purenergy, you demonstrate a serious commitment to the environment. Your company will have an excellent supply at all times while making an active contribution to protecting the climate – at affordable prices with maximum flexibility in terms of contracts and billing.

100% TÜV-certified, climate-neutral natural gas: your contribution to sustainable climate protection

We have our own natural gas fields in the Norwegian North Sea. The carbon neutralisation process is as follows: if your company consumes 100,000 kWh per year, for example, this will result in around 24 tonnes of CO2 being generated along the entire value chain, from extraction to combustion. We fully compensate for these CO2 emissions by supporting a selection of officially certified climate protection projects. Only after this process has taken place with end-to-end proof does our climate-neutral natural gas receive the official TÜV seal.