Set an example for the future: gain certification as a climate-neutral company

Set an example for the future: gain certification as a climate-neutral company

Society is becoming more environmentally aware. Companies are among those gaining a stronger understanding of their ecological responsibility: they want to contribute to a liveable future while differentiating themselves from competitors. After all, the extent to which a company demonstrates environmental awareness in its activities often influences customer decisions.

At PST Europe Sales, we took advantage of this opportunity by making our company carbon-neutral in 2014. Since then, we have been an officially certified climate-neutral company, setting an example for the future day after day.

You can do this, too: in cooperation with our partner Zukunftswerk e.G., we actively support you in your efforts to make your company a carbon-neutral enterprise.

How to become a climate-neutral company with us

Every company generates carbon emissions, be it through production activities, business trips or everyday commuting by staff. We calculate the exact CO2 emissions of your company in cooperation with our partner Zukunftswerk e.G. We then identify potential improvements to effectively reduce your emissions. To offset unavoidable carbon emissions, you can invest in officially certified climate protection projects.

It is easy to demonstrate the results: we will issue an official certificate and a seal that you can display in the entrance to your workplace, for example. A clear statement in support of climate protection