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Energy could be so simple if only people were not constantly getting lost in a veritable jungle of providers and tariffs. Do things have to be that way? We do not think so. With PST Purenergy, energy is made as straightforward as it should be – switch once and enjoy a good feeling forever. Thanks to our fair prices, for instance, which you can rely on for the long term. At the same time, not everything revolves around energy for us. You are at the centre of what we do. Last but not least, you can master the energy revolution with us. At your own pace, with 100% green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas. And without any fuss. As part of a European group of companies with roots in the energy sector dating back to the 19th century, we know exactly what we are doing. That is something you can rely on. It’s good to know that energy can be so simple.

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PST Purenergy is personal: With us, everything revolves around you. We are keen to listen to your needs and take care of things so that you no longer have anything to worry about. Personal, professional and approachable.

PST Purenergy is reliable: As part of a European group of companies that has been active in the energy sector since the 19th century, we are a reliable partner for you. Honest, professional and with vision.

PST Purenergy is transparent: For us, fair prices are a matter of course. To make sure that these are valid tomorrow as well as today, we offer our 24-month price guarantee. Fair, consistent and reliable – without hidden charges or unexpected increases.

PST Purenergy is sustainable: We supply 100% green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas, having access to our own energy sources in the North Sea. And because even that is not enough for us, our company has also been climate-neutral since 2014 and, as a partner of Plant-for-the-Planet, it is part of humanity’s largest afforestation project. Systematic, fit for the future and built on conviction.

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Would you like to switch to PST Purenergy? It couldn’t be easier. Register online and we will take care of the rest. Pure convenience.

Plant a tree for the future with us

Become part of humanity’s largest afforestation project

100% TÜV-certified green electricity and climate-neutral gas are a matter of course for us. But we want more – which is why we are planting a tree for every new customer in cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet, a global initiative led by children and young people. Our shared aim is a future that is still worth living for generations to come.